Palawan Real Estate is a website that lists beach, leisure farms, agricultural, islands, residential, and commercial properties for sale in Palawan, Philippines. There are many reasons for investing or living in Palawan, Philippines. It is rightly claimed by many who visit that Palawan, Philippines is a tropical paradise. So much so, that many people choose to buy their investment Real Estate here. A growing population from a low base means that new investors have the opportunity to buy Palawan Real Estate at an early stage of development, when the return on investment is often greatest. Real estate is a prime example, as land and property prices are still considered low, even compared to less attractive areas of the Philippines. As population grows and tourism increases, it is very likely that Palawan Real Estate prices will increase too.

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With the expected increase in Palawan tourism over time, there will be many chances to establish tourist related businesses, such as restaurants, hospitality, medical tourism, bars and entertainment clubs, diving schools, nature trekking, water sports and competition and other eco-tourist activities. Real Estate will continue to show increases in value as more developments come Palawan, Philippines. 

Tourism and Real Estate, however, is not the only industries that has a present and a future in Palawan, Philippines. If you browse the following pages, you will see the type of eco-friendly industries that are being encouraged in the Philippines Last Frontier, Palawan, and the part the local government is playing in facilitating such development and investment. There are already a variety of agricultural activities taking place, from rice growing to forestry, vegetable cultivation to poultry rearing. But the potential far exceeds what is being done today. Existing activities are open to improvement and further investment. New possibilities for investment are being studied, for example the production of palm oil. The nearby Malaysian state of Sabah is Malaysia’s main source of palm oil, and Palawan authorities are working very closely with their counterparts and investors in Sabah.

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